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Anesthesiologie (NVA)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
843001607Delirium in Elderly Patients with Trauma of the Hip - DEPTH-ProjectProximale femurfracturenAnesthesiologisch beleid femurfractuur > Preoperatieve anesthesiologie femurfractuur
837004020Routine posTsuRgical Anesthesia visit to improve patient outComE (TRACE study)Het perioperatieve procesPostoperatief traject > Organisatie van zorg postoperatief
171102009Remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia (RPCA) vs epidural analgesia (EA) during labourMedicamenteuze pijnbehandeling bevallingEpidurale pijnbehandeling bevalling
170885603A randomised controlled trial in the palliative setting regarding off-label medication: investigating the efficiency of amitriptyline versus pregabalin from a societal perspectivePijn bij kankerSymptomatische behandeling pijn bij kanker > Medicamenteuze behandelingen pijn bij kanker > Epidurale/intrathecale technieken pijn kanker

Cardiologie (NVVC)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
843001702OPTICARE-XL; effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a novel tailor-made cardiac rehabilitation program for obese patients with coronary artery diseaseHartrevalidatieHartrevalidatie bijzondere diagnosegroepen
837001003Effects of home-based training with telemonitoring guidance in low to moderate risk patients with an acute coronary syndrome or coronary revascularizationHartrevalidatieInterventies bij hartrevalidatie > Interventies gericht op fysieke doelen


Dermatologie en Venereologie (NVDV)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852101062Dose reduction of the new generation biologics (IL17 and IL23 inhibitors) in psoriasis: A pragmatic, multicentre, randomized, controlled, non-inferiority study (BeNeBio study)PsoriasisSystemische therapieën
852001928(Cost)-effectiveness of optical coherence tomography versus regular punch biopsy in the diagnosis and subtyping of basal cell carcinoma: a multi-center randomized non-inferiority trialBasaalcelcarcinoomDiagnostiek BCC
843001601In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy, a novel non-invasive tool for diagnosing skin cancer - a randomized controlled trialBasaalcelcarcinoomDiagnostiek BCC
837002521Single Ambulatory Phlebectomy versus endovenous Thermal Ablation with concomitant ambulatory Phlebectomies: SAPTAP studyVeneuze pathologie/ VaricesVarices -behandeling van zijtakvarices


Heelkunde (NVvH)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852002123Does Increasing Oxygen Nurture Your Symptomatic Ischaemic Ulcer Sufficiently? (DIONYSIUS trial)Diabetische voetBehandeling > hyperbare zuurstoftherapie
852002104Comparing Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation vs Standard wound care to treat postoperative wound infections.WondzorgWondmateriaal voor een geïnfecteerde wond
852002004Paravertebral catheter versus Epidural analgesia in Minimally Invasive Esophageal Resection: a randomized controlled multicenter trial (PEPMEN trial)OesofaguscarcinoomSpecifieke perioperatieve maatregelen > Analgesie
852002023Cost-effectiveness and effectiveness of rubber band ligation versus sutured mucopexy versus haemorrhoidectomy in patients with recurrent haemorrhoidal disease: a multicentre, randomized controlled trialProctologie1. Behandelalgoritme symptomatische hemorroïden > Graad 1, 2 (en 3) symptomatische hemorroïden

2. Behandelalgoritme symptomatische hemorroïden > Graad 3 en 4 symptomatische hemorroïden
852001903Hernia Exploration oR Not In Infants Analysis (HERNIIA-trial): A randomized controlled trial to study the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of contralateral surgical exploration during unilateral inguinal hernia repair in children.Liesbreuk bij kinderenBehandeling bij kinderen met een liesbreuk
852001904Improving the quality of life of patients with breast cancer-related lymphedema by lymphaticovenous anastomosis (LVA): A randomized controlled trial1. Borstkanker

2. Lymfoedeem
1. Nazorg en nacontrole > Signalering en behandeling van gevolgen > Locoregionale gevolgen

2. Conservatieve behandeling lymfoedeem
852001909Evaluating the utility of bone grafts in open wedge corrective osteotomy and plate fixation in patients with malunited distal radius fractures (WOPPeR trial)Distale radius fractuurChirurgische behandeling van radiusfractuur > Indicatie botvullers bij radiusfractuur
852001926The TRIASSIC study: Multicentre, randomised controlled trial comparing TRansanal minimal InvAsive Surgery (TAMIS) and endoscopic Submucosal dIsseCtion (ESD) for resection of non-pedunculated rectal lesionsColorectaal carcinoomPrimaire behandeling rectumcarcinoom
843002822Selective rather than routine histopathology after appendicectomy and cholecystectomy1. Galsteenlijden

2. Acute appendicitis
1. Galblaaspoliep & galblaascarcinoom

2. Standaard histopathologisch
843002704Pelvic Floor rehabilitation to improve functional Outcome and quality of life after surgery for Rectal CancEr: a randomized controlled trial. FORCE-trialColorectaal carcinoomNazorg en nacontrole > Darmfunctiestoornissen na RC behandeling
843002705ROutine versus on DEmand removal Of the syndesmotic stabilisation screw; a randomized controlled trial (RODEO-trial)EnkelfracturenOperatieve behandeling bij enkelfracturen > Behandeling syndesmoseletsels
843002708Initial non-operative treatment strategy versus appendectomy treatment strategy for simple appendicitis in children aged 7- 17 years old. APAC studyAcute appendicitisBehandeling simpele appendicitis
843002607iCAN trial. Intrathoracic versus Cervical esophagogastric ANastomosis after minimally invasive esophagectomy for esophageal cancerOesofaguscarcinoomBehandeling > Chirurgische technieken > Anastomose
848015008Non-inferiority multicentre randomized controlled trial comparing a short versus a long course of postoperative antibiotic treatment for complex acute appendicitisAcute appendicitisAntibiotica bij acute appendicitis > Postoperatieve antibiotica duur
843004104Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy plus standard surgery versus active surveillance for oesophageal cancer (SANO-trial)OesofaguscarcinoomBehandeling > Chirurgische behandeling > Chirurgisch vs. niet-chirurgisch bij resectabele tumor
843004106Proclion - Prospective evaluation of interventions for critical limb ischemiaPerifeer Arterieel Vaatlijden (PAV)1. Endovasculair femoropopliteale traject PAV

2. Endovasculair crurale traject PAV
843004108The (cost)effectiveness of neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX versus upfront surgery for (borderline) resectable pancreatic cancerPancreascarcinoom(Neo-)Adjuvante, chemotherapie, radiotherapie of chemoradiotherapie > Neoadjuvante behandeling resectabel pancreascarcinoom
843004109Mediastinal staging of non small cell lung cancer by endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasonography with or without additional surgical mediastinoscopy (MEDIASTrial)Niet kleincellig longcarcinoomDiagnostiek > Mediastinoscopie
843004110Evaluation of continuous monitoring by pulse oximetry without OSA screening vs. perioperative CPAP treatment following OSA screening in patients undergoing bariatric surgery: a multicenter prospective study (POPCORN-study)Morbide obesitasPreoperatief beleid bariatrische chirurgie > Longfunctie voor bariatrische chirurgie
843004118EFFectiveness of total Extraperitoneal hernia Correction for clinically occulT inguinal hernia (EFFECT trial): a multicenter randomized controlled trialLiesbreuk bij volwassenenIndicatie behandeling asymptomatische liesbreuken
843004119How effective is follow-up after endovascular treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms, can we do better?Aneurysma van de abdominale aortaOperatieve behandelingen van een AAA
837001407The Amsterdam Wrist Rules, A Clinical Decision RuleDistale radius fractuurBeeldvormende diagnostiek radiusfractuur
837002403Is routine radiography following the initial 2-week follow-up of traumapatients with wrist and ankle fractures necessary?Distale radius fractuurNazorg van distale radius fracturen
837002004Scrutinizing (in)efficient use of cholecystectomy: a randomized trial concerning variation in practiceGalsteenlijdenOngecompliceerde symptomatische galstenen > Behandeling ongecompliceerde galstenen
171102008Fixation using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip Fractures (FAITH): cost-effectiveness analysis alongside a multicenter randomized clinical trialProximale femurfracturenOptimale techniek proximale femurfractuur > Repositie fractuur collum femoris fractuur
171102025Supervised exercise therapy or immediate PTA for intermittent claudication in patients with an iliac artery obstruction - a randomized controlled trial.Perifeer Arterieel Vaatlijden (PAV)Behandeling claudicatio intermittens bij PAV


Interne Geneeskunde (NIV)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
853001116Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of a personalized multimodal orthotic treatment approach to reduce the risk of foot ulcer recurrence in persons with diabetesDiabetische voetPreventie > Preventie van voetulcera bij diabetes
852002127Ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) as treatment for hyperthyroidism caused by solitary autonomous thyroid nodules.SchildklierfunctiestoornissenTherapie thyreotoxicose
843001804DIVERS-II: Treating depression in dialysis patients with a tailored eHealth cognitive based treatment: A cluster randomized controlled trialPalliatieve zorg bij eindstadium nierfalenSymptomen > Depressie
843004115Effectiveness of Continuous Glucose Monitoring versus stepped Care starting with HypoAware, A Web-Based Psychoeducational Intervention, and adding CGM as needed, in Adult Type 1 Diabetes and Impaired Hypoglycemia Awareness: A Randomized Controlled TrialDiabetes MellitusHypoglykemie > Preventie hypoglykemie bij diabetes mellitus
843004116Improvement of quality of life with home dialysis compared to in-centre haemodialysis? The DOMESTICO projectNierfunctievervangende behandelingDialyse of conservatieve behandeling
843002624Equally good, with less: Omitting the sentinel node biopsy in clinically node negative early breast cancer patientsBorstkankerInvasief carcinoom > Regionale behandeling stadium I-II > SWK-biopsie of OKD
837002508Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of at-home infrared temperature monitoring in reducing the incidence of foot ulcer recurrence in patients with diabetesDiabetische voetPreventie > Preventie van voetulcera bij diabetes
837001404An innovative strategy for diagnostic fundoscopy in diabetes patients reduces care use and costs compared to usual careDiabetische retinopathieScreening op diabetische retinopathie
837001406HypoBewust: A combined group and online educational program for diabetes patients with hypoglycemia. A cost-effectiveness Randomized Controlled TrialDiabetes MellitusHypoglykemie > Preventie hypoglykemie bij diabetes mellitus
171002304Efficiency, efficacy and costs of guideline-based therapeutic strategies for patients with proven or possible persistent Lyme diseaseLymeziekteLangdurige behandeling van lymeziekte
1710022081Determining the cost-effectiveness of an effective intervention to improve adherence among treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients in the NetherlandsHIV (Humaan immunodeficiëntievirus)nvt


Keel-, Neus- en Oorheelkunde (NVKNO)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
837001503Economic evaluation of treatment modalities for position dependent obstructive sleep apnea patientsObstructief slaapapneu (OSA) bij volwassenenBehandeling van OSA > Behandeling met positietherapie bij OSA
837002522What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) in adult patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps?Chronische rhinosinusitis (CRS) en neuspoliepChirurgische behandeling bij chronische rhinosinusitis en neuspoliepen
837002523Cost-effective diagnostic strategies in patients with asymmetrical hearing impairment or unilateral audiovestibular symptoms suspected of vestibular schwannomaPerceptieve slechthorendheid bij volwassenenAanvullende diagnostiek gehoorverlies
171201005Response evaluation after chemoradiation for advanced oropharyngeal cancer using PET-CT and MRIHoofd-halstumorenFollow-up behandeling hoofd-halstumoren > Plaats van PET-CT voor respons evaluatie


Kindergeneeskunde (NVK)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
843002827Supplemental oxygen strategies in children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) after the neonatal intensive care period: the SOS BPD studyBronchopulmonale dysplasie (BPD)Optimale zuurstofsaturatie bij BPD
843002622BeNeDuctus TrialBronchopulmonale dysplasie (BPD)Behandeling PDA bij BPD
837001409Pediatric pelvic physiotherapy added to conventional treatment of functional constipation in children in primary careObstipatie bij kinderen van 0 tot 18 jaarNiet-medicamenteuze behandeling obstipatie > Fysiotherapie bij obstipatie kind
171101005The use of a Real-Time Medication Monitoring system (RTMM) for the improvement of adherence to inhalation corticosteroids in children with asthmaAstma bij kinderenKlachten bij inhalatiesteroïden ICS


Klinische Geriatrie (NVKG)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852002126Trial-based effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Partner in Balance intervention to self-manage mild dementia via blended eHealth psycho-education and behavioural modelling for the care partner coached by a dementia care professional.DementieOrganisatie van zorg bij dementie
852002106Eerder erbij: een vroege ondersteuning voor mensen met dementie en hun mantelzorgers. The path towards offering timely support for people with dementia and their caregivers.DementieOrganisatie van zorg bij dementie
171002502An RCT study of (cost)effectiveness of Dementia Care Mapping intervention in nursing home settingsDementieBehandeling dementie > Psychosociale non-farmacologische interventie > Gecombineerde interventies bij dementie
152002024Quantifying health status in dementiaDementieDiagnostiek dementie > Classificatie van dementie


Longziekten en Tuberculose (NVALT)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
152031005Review of docetaxel, gemcitabine, paclitaxel and vinorelbine for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancerNiet kleincellig longcarcinoomSystemische behandeling stadium IV NSCLC


Maag, Darm en Lever (NVMDL)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852002003Dedicated MR imaging vs surgical staging of peritoneal carcinomatosis in colorectal cancer patients; a randomised multicenter trialColorectaal carcinoomDiagnostiek > Detectie synchrone metastasen
171201002The "I-aid": a new care pathway to improve quality of care and quality of life in ileostomy patientsColorectaal carcinoomOrganisatie van zorg - Ondersteunende zorg
171201006Innovation in health care for patients with Coeliac Disease: a multidisciplinary ICT self-management systemCoeliakie en Dermatitis HerpetiformisCoeliakie en dermatitis herpetiformis (richtlijn zit als pdf in database)
171001005Magnetic resonance imaging in acute appendicitisAcute appendicitisBeeldvorming volwassenen - Acute appendicitis
171001006I-FABP; small protein with big impact on clinical management of celiac diseaseCoeliakie en Dermatitis HerpetiformisCoeliakie en dermatitis herpetiformis (richtlijn zit als pdf in database)
171002209Computer supported CEA surveillance after curative treatment of colorectal cancerColorectaal carcinoomNazorg en nacontrole - Follow-up
152031006Review of irinotecan, oxaliplatin, docetaxel and bevacizumab for the treatment of colorectal and gastric cancerColorectaal carcinoomAdjuvante systemische therapie > Adjuvante chemotherapie coloncarcinoom
152031010Review of docetaxel for the treatment of prostate cancer and gemcitabine for the treatment of pancreatic cancerProstaatcarcinoomCastratie-resistent prostaatcarcinoom > Behandeling na androgeen deprivatie therapie > Tweedelijnsbehandeling mCRPC


Neurochirurgie (NVvN)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852101065Survival and Quality of Life after Early Surgical Intervention versus Wait-and-See in Elderly patients with a Traumatic Acute Subdural Hematoma: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial with multicentre parallel group design (RESET ASDH study).Herseninfarct en hersenbloedingAcute behandeling bij hersenbloeding
843002806Is endoscopic trans-sphenoidal selective adenoma resection superior and cost-effective compared to medical treatment with cabergoline? A cohort multiple randomized controlled trial for treatment of microprolactinomasHypofysechirurgieStartpagina
843002604Cost-effectiveness of posterior cervical foraminotomy(FOR) versus anterior cervical discotomy with fusion (ACDF) for cervical soft/osteophytic disc disease. A randomized controlled multicenter studyCervicaal radiculair syndroom tgv cHNPAnterieure behandelingen crs tgv cHNP > Cervicale anterieure discectomie bij crs


Neurologie (NVN)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852001906Cost-effectiveness of lower extremity nerve decompression surgery in diabetic subjectsPijnlijke diabetische neuropathie (PDNP)Niet-medicamenteuze behandeling PDNP
843001701The PLUS Study: Preventing LUmbar disc SurgeryLumbosacraal radiculair syndroom1. Conservatieve behandeling van LRS > Effectiviteit van steroïdinjecties bij LRS

2. Conservatieve behandeling van LRS > Effectiviteit van fysiotherapie bij LRS
843004107Carotid endarterectomy or optimized medical therapy in patients with symptomatic carotid artery stenosis: a cost effectiveness analysisHerseninfarct en hersenbloedingCarotisendarteriëctomie bij herseninfarct > Indicaties voor carotisendarteriëctomie
843004113The optimal and cost effective approach of transthoracic echocardiography in ischemic stroke or TIA of undetermined causeHerseninfarct en hersenbloedingDiagnostiek bij herseninfarct/-bloeding > Cardiale emboliebron herseninfarct
843004117Cost-effectiveness of specialized nursing interventions for patients with Parkinson’s diseaseParkinsonNiet-medische behandeling ZvP > Effectiviteit Parkinsonverpleegkundige
843004122Klinische en kosteneffectiviteit van gerichte nazorg voor patiënten met mogelijke cognitieve en emotionele klachten na een TIA of kleine beroerte, die rechtstreeks uit het ziekenhuis naar huis ontslagen kunnen wordenHerseninfarct en hersenbloedingRevalidatie na herseninfarct/-bloeding > Cognitieve revalidatie na herseninfarct
837004005Long term follow-up, cost effectiveness and budget impact analysis in patients randomised in a multicenter randomized clinical trial of endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke in The Netherlands – The Mr Clean studyHerseninfarct en hersenbloedingReperfusietherapie voor acute herseninfarct > Endovasculaire behandeling herseninfarct
837004013Percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy vs. open microdiscectomy for patients with lumbar disc herniationLumbosacraal radiculair syndroomInvasieve behandeling van LRS > Operatietechnieken voor LRS
837004025The Dutch Injection versus Surgery TRIal in CTS patients (DISTRICTS): a multi-center randomized controlled trial comparing two treatment strategiesCTS1. Behandeling van CTS

2. Corticosteroïd-injectie bij behandeling CTS
171102010Rehabilitation following lumbar disc surgeryLumbosacraal radiculair syndroomNabehandeling/ revalidatie/ werkhervatting > Postoperatieve nabehandeling van LRS
171102018Early levodopa in Parkinson’s diseaseParkinsonMedicamentie ongecompliceerde fase ZvP > Levodopa ongecompliceerde fase ZvP


Obstetrie en Gynaecologie (NVOG)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852002128ACCEPT (ACcuracy, Cost Effectivenss of Prediction models for ovarian Tumors): a study on the cost-effectiveness of risk scoring models for the discrimination between benign or malignant ovarian tumors.

1. Het vergrote ovarium
2. Epitheliaal ovariumcarcinoom

1. Diagnostische modellen
2. Diagnostiek > beeldvormend onderzoek"
852001932Tubal flushing with oil-based contrast during HSG in subfertile women: Is early flushing cost-effective as compared to delayed flushing?Oriënterend fertiliteitsonderzoek (OFO)Hysterosalpingografie bij OFO
843001805Evaluation of effectiveness of the PlasmaJet Surgical device in the treatment of Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer: a randomized controlled trial in The Netherlands (PlaComOv-study)Epitheliaal ovariumcarcinoomBehandeling hoog stadium (IIb - IV) Chirurgie (hoog stadium)
843002809Clinical impact of dedicated MR staging of ovarian cancer patientsEpitheliaal ovariumcarcinoomDiagnostiek > Beeldvormend onderzoek
843002821Evaluation of two vaginal, uterussparing surgical methods for pelvic organ prolapse reconstruction: modified Manchester operation (MM) and sacrospinal hysteropexy (SSH)ProlapsChirurgische behandeling vaginale prolaps
843001710Cost-effectiveness of a Non-degradable Urethral Bulking Agent as compared to Mid-urethral Sling surgery in women with Stress Urinary IncontinenceUrine-incontinentie (UI) bij vrouwenUI Chirurgische behandeling > UI Interventies bij stressincontinentie
843002701Long term effects of multidisciplinary assessment and pre- and post partum Pelvic Floor Muscle Group Treatment in primi gravid with stress urinary incontinence compared to care-as-usual: a randomised controlled trialUrine-incontinentie (UI) bij vrouwenUI Fysiotherapie
843001602Embryo selection using time-lapse monitoring in IVF and ICSI patients (SelecTIMO)SubfertiliteitStartpagina
843001605The CoSy-trial: Internet-based sex Counseling and chances on natural conception in couples with idiopathic Subfertility: a randomized clinical trialOnverklaarde subfertiliteitStartpagina
843002601Does endometrial scratching in women with implantation failure after a first IVF/ICSI cycle lead to lower costs due to a reduction in the number of subsequent IVF/ICSI cycles needed to achieve a live birth?SubfertiliteitStartpagina
843002603Procedural sedation for hysteroscopic myomectomy: cost-effectiveness and patient preferenceHevig menstrueel bloedverlies (HMB)HMB: Poliklinische hysteroscopie
843002605The costeffectiveness of double layer closure of the caesarean (uterine) scar in the prevention of gynaecological symptoms in relation to niche developmentIndicatiestelling sectio caesareaStartpagina
843004102GERiatric Screening in the treatment of elderly patients with Ovarian Carcinoma (GERSOC)Epitheliaal ovariumcarcinoomStartpagina
837001504Is Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography (HyFoSy) a cost-effective alternative for hysterosalpingography (HSG) in assessing tubal patency in subfertile women?Oriënterend fertiliteitsonderzoek (OFO)Hysterosalpingografie bij OFO
837002525Pessary or surgery for symptomatic pelvic organ prolapseProlapsPessariumtherapie bij prolaps
837002003Cost-effectiveness of IUI, IVF and ICSI for male subfertility. The MAle Subfertility Therapy Effectiveness Rcts (MASTER)Mannelijke subfertiliteitStartpagina
837003004Guideline-concordant care instead of the non-curative use of absorbent products in women aged 55 years and over with urinary incontinenceUrine-incontinentie bij vrouwenUI Rol van de (continentie) verpleegkundige
837004023Intrauterine insemination for unexplained or mild male subfertility1. Mannelijke subfertiliteit

2. Onverklaarde subfertiliteit
1. Startpagina

2. Startpagina
171202001RCT comparing the levonorgestrel releasing intrauterine system (Mirena) versus endometrial ablation.(MIRA)Hevig menstrueel bloedverlies (HMB)HMB: Behandelingen - Alternatieven voor hysterectomie - Ablatie versus LNG-IUD
171202004Does switching treatment to FSH and / or IUI lead to higher pregnancy rates in a subset of women with polycystic ovary syndrome not conceiving after six ovulatory cycles with Clomiphene citrate – a randomized controlled trialAnovulatie en kinderwensStartpagina
171102012HYpertension and Preeclampsia Intervention Trial in the Almost Term Patient (HYPITAT-2 study)Hypertensieve aandoeningen in de zwangerschapAntihypertensiva bij hypertensieve aandoening
171102021Towards a cost-effective diagnostic work-up for women with ovarian carcinomaEpitheliaal ovariumcarcinoomBehandeling hoog stadium (IIb - IV) > Chirurgie (hoog stadium)
843002825Dutch TRUFFLE: the UmbilicoCerebral Ratio in late preterm Fetal Growth RestrictionFoetale groeibeperkingRol Doppler van ACM bij FGR na 32 weken
94507203Multicentered Randomized Controlled Trial to Test the Cost Effectiveness of Urodynamics in women with symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence in whom surgical treatment is consideredUrine-incontinentie bij vrouwenUI Urodynamisch onderzoek


Oogheelkunde (NOG)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
843004111Cost-effectiveness of immediately versus delayed sequential bilateral cataract surgery (ISBCS vs. DSBCS)CataractTijdsbestek tussen twee cataractoperaties
171001011Toric intraocular lenses: a cost-effective treatment for astigmatism in cataract surgery?CataractIntra-oculaire lenzen bij cataractoperatie


Orthopedie (NOV)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852002129"Active Monitoring versus an Abduction Device for treatment of Infants with Centered Dysplastic Hips, a RCT (TReatment with Active Monitoring (TRAM)-Trial)"DDH (dysplastische heupontwikkeling) bij kinderen onder één jaarBehandeling van stabiele DDH
852002001The THumb osteoarthritis Exercise TriAl (THETA); a multicenter, randomized controlled trial on exercise therapy with an orthosis compared to an orthosis alone in patients with thumb base osteoarthritisPrimaire artrose van de duimbasisConservatieve behandeling duimbasisartrose > Effect van fysiotherapeutische interventies
852002021How should we treat a patient with a distal radius fracture after closed reduction? A cluster RCTDistale radius fracturenConservatieve behandeling van radiusfractuur > Behandeling van gedisloceerde radiusfractuur
852002032Which patient with an anterior cruciate ligament rupture will need a surgical reconstruction?Voorste kruisbandletselIndicatie Voorste Kruisbandreconstructie > Indicaties behandeling VKB-letsel
852001929Cost-effectiveness of a transmural integrated care program for knee arthroplasty patients in the working populationTotale knieprotheseRandvoorwaarden nazorg patiënten bij TKP
852001943Cost-effectiveness analysis of non-surgical treatment versus total knee replacement in patients with knee osteoarthritisTotale knieprotheseOptimale indicatiestelling voor plaatsen TKP > Indicatiestelling voor plaatsen TKP
853001101Socio-economic impact of motivational interviewing on adherence to orthopaedic shoesDiabetische voetPreventie > Uitvoering voetcontrole
843004101LEAK-study LEakage After primary Knee and hip arthroplasty; finding the best way to treat wound leakage after primary arthroplasty A prospective nationwide multicenter randomised controlled trial.1. totale knieprothese

2. totale heupprothese
1. Routinematige follow-up bij knieprothese

2. Startpagina
843004112Surgical Approach of Hemiarthroplasty after Femoral Neck Fracture: Posterolateral or Direct Lateral (APOLLO)Proximale femurfracturenOptimale techniek proximale femurfractuur > Chirurgie en prothese collum femoris fractuur
843004120The frail institutionalized elderly patient with a hip fracture in the shade of life (FRAIL-HIP); how do we value non-operative management?Behandeling kwetsbare ouderen bij chirurgieProximale femurfractuur preoperatieve traject > Besluitvorming bij proximale femurfractuur
837002404Should a traumatic meniscal tear be resected?Artroscopie van de knieBehandeling van meniscusletsels
837002009Cost-effectiveness of Early Surgery versus Conservative Treatment with Optional Delayed Meniscectomy for Patients over 50 years. A Randomized Controlled Trial.Artroscopie van de knieBehandeling van meniscusletsels
837004022The cost-effectiveness of surgery versus casting for elderly patients with intra-articular distal radius fractures.Distale radius fracturenChirurgische behandeling van radiusfractuur > Indicatie aanvullende fixatie radiusfractuur
171102001Treatment with low molecular weight heparin after knee arthroscopy and lower leg immobilisationArtroscopie van de knieOrganisatie van zorg rond artroscopie knie
171102006Cost-effectiveness of two treatment strategies of an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. A randomized clinical study.Voorste kruisbandletselIndicatie Voorste Kruisbandreconstructie > Optimale timing voor operatie VKB


Psychiatrie (NVvP)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
2020006341Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of oral esketamine versus electroconvulsive therapy for patients with severe, non-psychotic treatment resistant depression.DepressieChronische en therapieresistente depressie > biologische behandelingen bij depressie
852002130VRelax! Virtual Reality stress-reduction for burn-out, depression and anxiety.1. Depressie
2. Angststoornissen
1. Eerste-stap interventies bij depressie > Bibliotherapie, zelfhulp en zelfmanagement
2. Paniekstoornis > Eerste stap interventies paniekstoornis
852002103Efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with medication-resistant bipolar depressionBipolaire stoornissenOverige biologische behandelingen
852002022Adjunctive physical exercise to improve psychological and pharmacological treatment outcomes in major depressive disorder: cost-effectiveness analysis alongside a randomised comparison of usual care versus enhanced careDepressieEerste-stap interventies bij depressie > Fysieke inspanning, lichamelijke activiteit
852002025Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of internet-based treatment of insomnia in depressed patients treated at a mental healthcare institutionDepressiePsychologische interventies depressie > Duurzaam effectieve interventies depressie
852001905Cognitive control training (CCT) as an add-on intervention in elderly depressed patientsDepressiePsychologische interventies depressie > Duurzaam effectieve interventies depressie
852001925Cost-effectiveness of rTMS/CBT as next step in antidepressant non-responders. A randomized comparison with current stepped care approaches to major depressive disorderDepressieFarmaco-therapeutische behandeling depressie > Medicamenteuze vervolgstappen bij non-respons
843001803Enhancing full recovery in patients with bipolar disorderBipolaire stoornissenPsychosociale interventies bipolaire stoornis
843002803Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for bipolar disorder.Bipolaire stoornissenPsychosociale interventies bipolaire stoornis
843001703Treatment effects and cost-effectiveness of Autonomy Enhancing Treatment: A person-centred approach to anxiety disorders.AngststoornissenGegeneraliseerde angststoornis (GAS) > Psychologische interventie bij GAS > Cognitieve therapie bij GAS
843001704Walk and Talk; A Randomized Controlled Trial of High Intensive Treatment versus Care as Usual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.AngststoornissenInleiding PTSS > Inleiding Psychologische interventies PTSS > Trauma-gerichte cognitieve gedragstherapie
843001705Cost effectiveness of trauma-focused treatments for childhood-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in adultsAngststoornissenInleiding PTSS > Inleiding Psychologische interventies PTSS > Trauma-gerichte cognitieve gedragstherapie
843001706Group schema-focussed therapy enriched with psychomotor therapy for older adults with personality disorders in specialized mental health care.Persoonlijkheids-stoornissenAS II Psychotherapeutische interventies
843002709Economic evaluation of psychiatric rehabilitation/self-management group intervention (PPEP4All) compared with usual care in patients with Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD) and their partner; a multicenter pragmatic randomized controlled trialDepressieChronische en therapieresistente depressie > Rehabilitatie en reïntegratie bij depressie
843001604Changing perspectives: Cost-Effectiveness of Interpretation Bias Modification in patients with Major Depressive DisorderDepressiePsychologische interventies depressie > Effect psychotherapeutische behandelingen
843001608Internet-based attentional bias modification training as add-on to regular treatment in alcohol or cannabis dependent outpatients.Stoornissen in het gebruik van alcoholAlcohol - Psychosociale interventies > Alcohol - Cognitieve gedragsinterventies
837001401Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focussing on Social Activation in Patients with Recent Onset Schizophrenia.SchizofreniePsychosociale interventies bij schizofrenie > Effect cognitieve gedragstherapie schizofrenie
837002401Frequency of psychotherapy sessions for depression: a multicenter randomized trialDepressiePsychologische interventies depressie > Benodigde therapieduur bij depressie
837001004Cognitive Remediation Therapy as a treatment enhancer in eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disordersAngststoornissenObsessief-compulsieve stoornis (OCS) > Psychologische interventies OCS > Cognitieve therapie compulsieve stoornis
837001007Blended Care for Depression in Secondary CareDepressieEerste-stap interventies bij depressie > E-health bij depressie
171201008Effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation in therapy resistant depressive disorder in the Netherlands. Effects, tolerability and cost-effectiveness relative to treatment as usual.DepressieChronische en therapieresistente depressie > Biologische behandelingen bij depressie
171202009Group Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality DisorderPersoonlijkheids-stoornissenAS II Psychotherapeutische interventies > AS II Ambulante psychotherapie borderline
171202012Day hospital Mentalization-Based treatment versus Intensive Outpatient Mentalization-Based Treatment for patients with severe borderline personality disorder: A multi-centre head-to-head randomized clinical trialPersoonlijkheids-stoornissenAS II Psychotherapeutische interventies > AS II Dosering en wijze van toepassing
171102002The effects and costs of preventive cognitive therapy plus usual care for remitted primary care patients with major depression versus usual careDepressieVoorkomen van terugval bij depressie > Preventie terugval psychotherapie depressie
171102003Cost-effectiveness of internet-based guided self-help for depressive disorders in specialized mental health care: A randomized controlled trialDepressieEerste stap interventies bij depressie > E-health bij depressie
171102004Reducing relapse and recurrence in depression with continuation Cognitive Therapy: a randomized controlled trialDepressieVoorkomen van terugval bij depressie > Preventie terugval psychotherapie depressie
171102013Gut-directed hypnotherapy in children with irritable bowel syndrome: self exercises at home using recorded scripts on CD versus individual therapy by qualified therapists.SOLK en somatoforme stoornissenSOLK Prikkelbaredarmsyndroom > SOLK Psychologische methoden bij PDS
171001002Active mobilisation of psychological resources during passive antidepressant pharmacotherapy (Name study: REsource MObilisation Device In Depression (REMOD-ID))DepressieCombinatiebehandeling bij depressie
171001007D-cycloserine enhancement of exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy in OCD and panic disorder with agoraphobia: a randomized controlled trialAngststoornissenObsessief-compulsieve stoornis (OCS) > Psychologische interventies OCS > Exposure in vivo compulsieve stoornis
171001010Metacognitive training: a randomized controlled trial to evaluate efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a training that aims to change cognitive biases that perpetuate psychosis in people with paranoid schizophreniaSchizofreniePsychosociale interventies bij schizofrenie > Effect cognitieve gedragstherapie schizofrenie
171002401Cost-effectiveness of cognitive therapy with tapering of AD versus continuation of maintenance antidepressant treatment and the combination of both in preventing relapse and recurrence in recurrent depression: a randomized controlled multi-center trialDepressieVoorkomen van terugval bij depressie > Preventie terugval psychotherapie depressie
171002402Mentalisation-Based Treatment versus care-as-usual in the treatment of severe borderline personality disordersPersoonlijkheids-stoornissenAS II Psychotherapeutische interventies > AS II Dagklinische psychotherapie breed
171002403Cost effectiveness of an E-health module on Return to Work embedded in collaborative occupational health care for depressive disordersDepressieMaatschappelijke participatie bij depressie
170992903The clinical and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy, maintenance antidepressant medication and its combination in the prevention of relapse in patients with recurrent depression.DepressieVoorkomen van terugval bij depressie


Radiologie (NVvR)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
843001801Rapid Access to Contrast-Enhanced spectral mammogRaphy (RACER): a more efficient work-up of women recalled from breast cancer screeningBorstkankerDiagnostiek > Mammografie en echografie
843002823Cost-effective diagnostic evaluation of patients with symptomatic breast disease; ultrasound as accurate initial imaging techniqueBorstkankerDiagnostiek > Mammografie en echografie
843004105Risk assessment and MR imaging in prostate cancer diagnosis: an impact analysisProstaatcarcinoomDiagnostiek > Beeldvormend onderzoek > MRI-geleide biopten
843004121Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial of Endovascular Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke in The Netherlands for Late arrivals: MR CLEAN-LATEHerseninfarct en hersenbloedingReperfusietherapie voor acute herseninfarct >  Endovasculaire behandeling herseninfarct


Radiotherapie en Oncologie (NVRO)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852001923Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) for radically treated stage III non-small cell lung cancer: A meta-analysis on updated individual patient data of randomized phase III trialsNiet kleincellig longcarcinoomStadium III-NSCLC
843004015Substantiële verbetering van de overleving van stadium III, BRCA1-like borstkanker patiënten met doelgerichte behandelingBorstkankerAdjuvante chemotherapie > Adjuvante systemische therapie
171201001Diffusion-weighted MR imaging to improve the selection of good and complete responders after chemoradiation therapy in rectal cancerColorectaal carcinoomPrimaire behandeling rectumcarcinoom > Neoadjuvante therapie lokaal gevorderd RC
171002211Design and analysis of a stepped wedge cluster randomized designColorectaal carcinoomPrimaire behandeling coloncarcinoom > Follow-up na oncologische segmentresectie CC


Reumatologie (NVR)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
94517103Implementation of screening and treatment of high-risk fracture patients by an osteoporosis nurse-practitioner.Osteoporose en fractuurpreventieDiagnostiek osteoporose en fractuurpreventie > Organisatie van zorg osteoporose


Revalidatiegeneeskunde (VRA)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
852002024Outcome and cost-effectiveness of a dynamic Lucerne-cast versus immobilization by forearm-cast in patients with FraCtures (neck, sHaft, intra-Articular) of the MetacarPAl bone, requirinG Non-operative trEatment. SHORT-TITLE: CHAMPAGNE-studyHandfracturenFracturen van de metacarpalia
170995003Quality of life, gross motor function, and actual everyday physical activity level in children with spastic Cerebral Palsy: (cost)effectiveness of combined treatment with multilevel botulinum-toxin injections and intensive functional physiotherapy.Spastische cerebrale parese bij kinderenBehandeling gericht op verbetering mobiliteit > Effect van botulinetoxine-A op lopen bij CP


Urologie (NVU)

DossiernummerProjecttitel ZonMwRichtlijnModule
152001014Impact of new approaches to pharmacological management of patients with renal cell carcinoma: a population-based study of process and outcomes in The Netherlands.NiercelcarcinoomLokaal recidief/ metastasen behandeling > Systemische therapie > eerstelijns therapie


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